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The coaching process is collaborative. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to coaching. 

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Our sessions will fit your specific needs and concerns and provide you with the space to feel understood and be heard. You’ll be able to gain clarity and focus on yourself without feeling selfish.

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Who I Work With

I work with adults across all 50 states who are having difficulty navigating

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their relationship with an alcoholic/addict.

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Denise Capurso, LCSW (Texas #51789), LCDC

25+ years experience

Welcome to Denise Capurso Coaching

I am a committed, direct, and supportive guide that can help you navigate your relationship with an alcoholic. I provide coaching for those experiencing high stress, excessive amounts of worry, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

I will help you learn strategies for effective communication and setting healthy boundaries. These skills will help you move forward with your personal goals and help you find peace in everyday life.

Book A Free Consultation
Book A Free Consultation
For Better Welness & Hope
It can feel like you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.
Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted from a relationship with a significant other? Do you feel like you can’t take a deep breath and often feel like you are walking on eggshells?Do you feel like you have tried everything to get your loved one to stop using? Are you asking yourself why you are seeking help when you are not the one with the problem?
Do any of the following resonate with you?
You’ve lost the happy moments you used to have in your life.Your mind is working overtime, leaving you exhausted.You wish you could just switch it all off and unplug from what’s happening.You feel yourself sinking into increasingly negative feelings.You wake up feeling extremely sad and you don’t know why.
Coaching can help
Coaching can help you maintain a connection with a substance abuser while focusing on your own life, personal goals and happiness. You can wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy life.
Why online coaching?

During the pandemic when everything moved online, many people discovered that doing online coaching (also called telehealth or virtual appointments) was just as effective and much more convenient.

By offering online coachingI can work with clients throughout the United States, rather than just people who can easily make the drive to my office. On top of saving travel time and gas, many clients find that they prefer coaching from a place that already feels familiar

Contact Me
Contact Me
$130 for first 45-50 min session.

Pricing options and packages are avaliable.

$130 for first 45-50 min session
Coaching Session
30 min: $70
Coaching Session
45 min: $130
Client's Saying
Coaching with Denise has helped me to carefully assess life with a narcissist in active addiction and make productive and necessary steps forward. Most notably, I have made meaningful space for myself again to refocus on my personal goals that were inevitably stifled by sharing a life with a narcissist.Her insight has provided me a light to navigate life more positively instead of staying mentally and emotionally paralyzed and disoriented; I highly recommend her coaching to anyone feeling confused, shrouded, and stuck.-A.S.